Become A Volunteer

Become A Volunteer!


The Wolf Creek Fire Protection District is always accepting applications for our applicant list to join our family of dedicated pay per call volunteers.


Do you want to be part of a nation wide tradition?  Would you like to experience the excitement of responding to calls and helping your community?  Do you like the feeling of brotherhood and a family atmosphere?

If this If this sounds appealing to you and you are interested in a rewarding volunteer opportunity, we would like to talk to you!

The Wolf Creek Fire Protection District is seeking applications to build an applicant list for volunteer firefighters for our current station one, as well as our future stations in the Coffman area and Libertyville/Knob Lick/Womack area.  We offer in-house recruitment training monthly to prepare our probationary firefighters for a rewarding life of being a volunteer firefighter.  Many of our volunteers who obtained their training through our district have went on to become full time career firefighters, EMT's and Paramedics.  As a firefighter and emergency medical responder, the lives and property of those living in and traveling through our district rely on you.  The training that you will receive as a probationary firefighter and rookie firefighter will help you develop valuable skills and knowledge to be successful in your role with the district.

Our training program, as well as being a volunteer firefighter with our district requires drive, commitment and dedication consisting of two training sessions a month and one meeting per month.  Your probationary period will last a minimum of three months with a rookie period continuing the rest of your first year.  Evaluations will be conducted with you, the training officer and the chief officers at the 90 day period, 6 month period and end of your rookie year.  

If you have personal desire, dedication and courage, you too can become a volunteer firefighter with our district.  It takes all three of these important traits to become a volunteer firefighter.  If you are willing to accept this challenge, would like to make the commitment and put in the hard work, we may have a spot for you on our roster!

What if there were no volunteers in our district?

Without our dedicated staff of professional volunteers, the people living within and traveling through our district would be burdened by not having anyone to answer the call during some of the worst times of their life.  Our dedicated firefighters respond to fires, EMS calls, rescues, motor vehicle accidents, water emergencies, ice rescues, storm duties and a variety of other emergencies.  Our volunteers consist of farmers, engineers, students, construction workers, industrial workers, insurance professionals, skilled trade professionals, boat workers, state employees, corrections officers, truck divers, retired paramedics and firefighters.  They joined the district to give back to their community and help their neighbors in their time of need.




Requirements for applicants:

 - Must be 18 years of age at the time of application interview and acceptance 

 - Have and maintain a current Missouri motor vehicle operators license (must submit to driver background check)

 - Not have any felony convictions (must submit to criminal background check)

 - Must be in good physical condition - If you would like to apply, click the link provided:  Application


Volunteer benefits:

 - Free professional inhouse firefighting training 

- Monthly pay per call reimbursement on a pro-rated point per call basis

 - Fire District paid outside firefighting and specialized rescue training

 - Free Emergency Medical Responder Training (EMR)

 - Fire District paid EMT training

 - Fire District paid Firefighter 1 and 2 training

 - Continuing education twice per month

 - State of the art apparatus and equipment to use

 - Top of the line structural firefighting gear

 - New fitted and personalized structural firefighting gear after completion of rookie year

 - Access to online training

 - Fire district paid out of town training

 - Fire District paid insurance benefits in the event of an injury 

 - Yearly Christmas Party

 - Family get together with food on every 5th Wednesday of the month

 - Family atmosphere



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